Indigenous Knowledge on Ethnobotany

by A K Ghosh

ISBN: 9789351301400
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Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2021
Price : Rs. 4495.00
Biblio : xiv +114p.,figs.,tabls.,23 cm

Author Profile

Dr. A. K. Ghosh has been working on senescence and source- sink relationship of different types of plants since 1985. Besides he has been working on pollution and ethnomedicine since 1993. With more than 19 years of teaching experiences in H. S. Section, he is at present serving as Headmaster in Saraswati Vidyamandir. Dr. Ghosh has already published 50 original scientific papers in International Journals of India and abroad. He is the author of 10 books, good sportsman and a social worker. He acted as a referee in Iraq and Pakistan Journal (PJSIR). Dr. Ghosh has been adjudged the best individual for his notable contribution in the field of Science Popularisation and Performance in disseminating science from the libraries and laboratories to the common people of West Bengal and abroad. He was awarded Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya Smriti Puraskar for the year 2004 by the department of Science and Technology, Government of West Bengal.

About The Book

To recover the long detrimental effects the present book is a positive approach to remobilize in right direction. The book reflects a common establishment of harmony with biosphere by using natural resources more effectively with the help of existing indigenous knowledge. The work incorporated in the book has been adjudged the best effort by so many scientists. So, the book shall serve as a useful tool to the students, research scholars, professors, doctors, herbalists, food makers and laboratories alike. Besides the book serves as a useful addition to current literature and foster a greater understanding, application and protection of a natural resources and traditional knowledge. In this book you may share knowledge of healing power of about 95 common ailments depending solely or in combination of either 2 or 3 plants.

Table of Contents

Foreword (vii) <BR> Acknowledgement (ix) <BR> Preface (xi) <BR> 1. Introduction <BR> 1.1. General <BR> 1.2. Weed and weed contral <BR> 1.3. Agroforestry <BR> 2. Environmental Awareness 28 <BR> 2.1. Economic evaluation of Makhna <BR> 2.2. Selected elephant repellent plants from <BR> West Rarrh in agro–forestry <BR> 2.3. Butterflyphilic plants in agro–forestry of W. Bengal <BR> 2.4. Indigenous process for developing auspicious limestone dye <BR> 2.5. Traditional knowledge on auspicious plants for ancestral abode in ecological perspective <BR> 2.6. Mosquitovorous plants of West Rarrh <BR> 2.7. The cult of the flower – deities of Bengal <BR> 3. For Human Purposes 49 <BR> 3.1. Folk medicine of West Rarrh from aquatic plants <BR> 3.2. Herbal remedies for alopecia used by the tribals of W. Bengal <BR> 4. For Veterinary Purposes 63 <BR> 4.1. Ethno-veterinary medicine as practiced by the tribals of West Rarrh <BR> 4.2. Ethnobotanical plants used in West Rarrh region both for domesticated animals and human <BR> 5. Glossary of Ecological Terms 83 <BR> 6. Glossary of Medical Terms 88 <BR> 7. List of Publications 98 <BR> Index <BR> Index of Latin Names 105 <BR> Index of Local Names 109 <BR> Index of Diseases 113